Sunday, September 18, 2005

Team ride Sunday

We had a great ride with the JDRF team today. 45 miles from Ada Park to Saranac then north to Fallasburg Park out on Bailey Road to Pettis road and then back into Ada. There were probably some other roads in there, but I don't remember them. What I mostly remember is the hills. Lots of them today. Some quite steep. Coach Mike made an adjustment to the seat of my Cannondale that really helped. I've also included a couple of pictures from today's ride. This week also marks another milestone. I've now ridden over 100 miles this week. So I have now done in a week the distance we'll do in one day in Death Valley.

This week's totals:
9/12 - 12 miles, White Pine Trail south
9/13 - 21 miles, White Pine Trail north
9/15 - 14 miles, Coit to North park to WPT
9/17 - 12 miles, 7 mile to Blakely to Keis and back
9/18 - 45 miles, Ada to Saranac to Fallasburg loop

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