Friday, September 02, 2005

Bike Lust

Well I did it. I gave in to bike lust. Today I picked up my new Cannondale SR500 from Velo City in Holland. It has 27 speeds and weighs 23 pounds. Much lighter than my mountain bike. I had planned on riding my mountain bike in Death Valley. I was doing pretty well staying with the team on the 20 and 30 mile rides. But when we bumped it up to 40 and 50 I noticed a big difference. Then when Mary pulled out her old Schwinn World Sport road bike and started beating me, well I had to do something. Not that I have to be faster than my wife, but it was obvious that I was expending a lot more energy then the rest of the riders. And since we are planning on riding 100 miles in the desert in less than 8 weeks I will need all the energy I can muster. Therefore I am now back on a road bike. We rode 12 miles tonight to break it in and boy was it fun. I can hardly wait for the team ride on Sunday.

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did said...

You have fun with the new steed - see you on the 18th...