Sunday, August 28, 2005

WOW! A big milestone today!

Today we did a group ride in the Ada area. A nice loop led by JDRF Executive Director Stacey Chase followed by and out and back ride to Saranac along the Grand River. When we pulled back into Ada Park after four and a half hours we had ridden 55 miles. 55 miles! Not just a new personal best, but we blew away our old personal best by 13 miles. The best news is that is a little more than half of the total distance of the Death Valley Ride. Mary switched from her "comfort" bike to her old skinny wheel Schwinn and that made a huge difference for her. We should have some photos in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

This weeks ride totals:
8/23 - 14 miles, White Pine Trail north
8/27 - 12 miles, White Pine Trail south
8/28 - 55 miles, Ada loop and then to Saranac

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did said...

Pics are up, linky here...