Sunday, August 21, 2005

Group ride today

We had another group ride today out in the Saugatuck/Fennville area. Our coach, Mike Clark, found us a nice 41 mile loop that started at Saugatuck State Park. One of the riders had a camera along so hopefully we'll have some pictures soon.

This week's ride totals:
8/16 - 14 miles, Rockys for ice cream and back
8/19 - 8 miles, late start, just tooling around the neighborhood
8/21 - 41 miles, a loop from Saugatuck State Park


did said...

I've got the camera with me today; one of these days I'll get the pictures out! Honest! Really!

Except I have meetings all afternoon, and then I'm going to get brutalized on a group ride, and after that I may be too blown to to anything but drive home and sleep in my car in the driveway...

Happy riding!


Tom and Mary Scheidel said...


Send the photos when you can. Have fun on your ride tonight. I'm planning on heading out this afternoon. I have a JDRF board meeting this evening.


did said...

Hey -

Ah, bugger - Blogger doesn't allow image tags in comments.

Look here for a pic. Sorry about the lousy focus, I think that camera is not long for this earth.

I'll try to set these up on a page