Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another personal best

Today was a big ride. Our longest training ride so far, 40 miles. Well actually it was 40.73 miles (ya gotta love those bike computers). Our nephew had a birthday party over by Spring Lake and we rode our bikes there from Rockford. It was quite a pretty ride along the back roads past apple orchards and farm fields. Looks like there will be a good apple crop this year. The nice thing is we both felt pretty good when we were done riding. We rode over 80 miles this week, still not as much as we will do in one day in Death Valley though.

Weekly ride totals:
8/9 - 14 miles; Cannonsburg Road and points east
8/11 - 30 miles; White Pine Trail to Cedar Springs and back
8/13 - 40 miles; Rockford to Spring Lake

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