Saturday, August 06, 2005

We're back

It's been a long quiet week on the old Death Valley Ride blog. We were both working insane hours this week on a big project, but we finished on Thursday evening. So Friday morning we took a 14 mile ride. Tried a new route, south down Coit Rd., across the Grand River on North Park Rd., and back home on the White Pine Trail.
We have tickets available for Jake's Music Festival on August 18. Posters are going up all over town and there was a nice article in this week's Rockford Independent newspaper. If you need tickets ($10 in advance, $13 at the door) drop an email to

This week's ride totals:
8/5: 14 miles, loop from Coit to NorthPark to White Pine Trail


Jane said...

I have not visited the blog site lately, but now that I've read how much you guys are training, I'm glad I checked it out. That is an intersting anatomical fact, that the butt toughens before the legs. Perhaps there is evolutionary advantage to that. . .
Hey -- glad to hear that Jake's music festival will be at Studio 28 -- thought it was going to be out on the other side of town. I may be able to make it for some of it at least, as I discovered I can't get out of work early. But it sounds fun, and it's the beginning of my "weekend," so I'm going to try and make it.
Keep it up -- hope the dough is rolling in.

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

Glad you can make the show. Do you want to get a ticket at the door or should we send you some?