Sunday, October 07, 2007

Two weeks to DV-Day

Yesterday was our final team ride of the season. In two weeks we will be pedaling across Death Valley. And the temperatures yesterday were quite Death Valley-like. It was over 85 degrees at ride time as 12 of the West Michigan team headed out from Sue and Pete Dow's house. The Dow's treated us to several hills on our way out to Wabasis Lake. But hills and heat are what we need. We broke away from the group at the lake to take care of kid duties, but then hooked back up post-ride at the Dow's for chili and beer. Yum.

This week's ride totals:
10/4 - 15.6 miles; WPT north (Tom)
10/4 - 8 miles; WPT south (Mary)
10/6 - 31.4 miles; Forest Hills to Wabasis Lake to home
Total: 47 miles (Tom)
Total: 39.4 miles (Mary)

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