Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just days away

We have been training since March. We have logged hundreds, probably over 1000, miles. The air has turned cold in Michigan. Our bikes are gone! It must be time to head to Death Valley.
On Thursday morning, 36 people from the West Michigan Bike Team will board airplanes and fly to Las Vegas. From there we will catch shuttle buses out to the Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley. On Friday morning there will be a 10 mile, get reacquainted with your bike seat ride. On Saturday we will pedal 105 miles across Death Valley for JDRF. On Sunday, we sleep by the pool in Las Vegas. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this worthy cause. We'll have more reports on the actual ride in the days ahead.

This week's ride totals:
10/8 - 37 miles; WPT north to Sand Lake (Mary)
10/8 - 32.7 miles; WPT north to Cedar Springs (Tom)
Total: 37 miles - Mary
Total: 32.7 miles - Tom

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