Friday, July 08, 2005

Thanks to our donors

This is a list of the people who have made a donation to our Ride for the Cure team. Many, many thanks!

Chris Behrens
Tim & Gloria Buist
Jim & Mary Clinthorne
Joel & Ruth Ensminger
Steve & Stacey Farr
Richard & Maxine Fox
Reg & Anne Goetz
Jim & Susan Hayes
Jim & Connie Hennip
Marc & Jane Longstreet
Dave Mackenzie
Donald & Linda Milanowski
Karla Oard
Dave Pasciak
Greg & Gail Raap
Carrie Ratuzney
Ed & Nancy Reed
Michelle Reed
Tom & Florence Scheidel
Dick & Juanita Scheidel
John & Rosie Scheidel
Mike Silverstein
Chris & Collette Smiley
Kim Summers
Pete & Kay Timinskis
Sharon Turnquist
Lisa VandeKopple
Bill & Ginger Young

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