Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday night of a crummy week

So not much riding weather this week, but today was the first JDRF team ride. Nine hardy souls got out in the sunshine and 50 degree weather to travel the White Pine Trail from Whitecaps Park up to where the pavement ends (that's still Russell Road) and back again. Mary was one of those nine, but Tom was not. He was busy building a room in our basement. It looks like we may have to keep separate weekly ride totals this year. So far Mary is kicking Tom's butt. However, it is a long season.
Also, this Wednesday night is the Ride Team Kick-Off party at New Holland Brewery in Holland. That will be big fun. Stop by and have a beer with the team.

This week's totals:
4/15 - 24 miles; WPT (Mary only)
Total: 24 miles

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