Sunday, July 09, 2006


Okay, I know the headline has nothing to do with biking, but we got hooked on World Cup Football (Soccer here in the States) while we were in Europe. Italy defeated France in the finals 1-1. That may look like a tie, and it was after regulation and overtime. But Italy won on penalty kicks 5-3, so the Italians win the match and the World Cup. We were happy. We liked Italy when we were there, and it is fun to know how crazy there are going to be over there tonight.

In biking news we had a good team ride yesterday. We had a group of 12 that left from Ada Park and rode out Grand River Ave. toward Lowell. Five of us turned around there because of other commitments and the rest of the group continued on for what they said was going to be 40 miles. It was a good week of riding, we got out four times for the first time this summer. None of the rides were especially long, but we are building stamina.

This weeks ride totals:
7/5 - 17 miles; east of Rockford and WPT
7/6 - 14 miles; Myers Lake and WPT
7/7 - 13 miles; Cannonburg Rd.
7/8 - 15.8 miles; Ada to Lowell and back
Total: 59.8 miles

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