Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy time is finishing

It has been tough to get out and ride this spring. With school getting done, our daughter graduating from high school, graduation parties and getting ready for vacation bike riding hasn't been a high priority. We are getting out some, and today was beautiful. We did a team ride on the Musketawa Trail, a rails-to-trail conversion that runs from Marne to Muskegon. Logged 31 miles with a big group. We had 16 people along for the ride, which is the biggest group for a team ride this year. And it's actually more people than rode for our team in Death Valley last year. We are really looking forward to some serious training once we get back from vacation. And boy will we have some photos to share from that. More in a couple of weeks.

This weeks totals:
06/06/06 - 10.8 miles, WPT north
6/11/06 - 31.2 miles, Musketawa Trail
Total: 42 miles

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