Sunday, April 09, 2006

A double header

Well, not a true double header in the baseball sense of the word. We mean getting out on the bike twice in the same week. It was pretty decent for those of us spending Spring Break in Michigan. We did have a couple of nice days to ride. Thursday was 10 miles up to Rockford along the White Pine Trail and the return route took us up Childsdale hill. The first true hill work of the season.
Sunday was a serpentine route to a friend's house on 5 Mile Road near Thousand Oaks Golf Club. It's about 2 1/2 miles if you go straight, or over 11 if you take my way. Lots of hills. Tom also achieved his personal best speed, clocking in at 40 MPH coming down East Beltline.
This week also saw the arrival of our training schedules from coach Mike Clark. The training officially starts this week with a mileage goal of 60 miles. We'll see if the weather cooperates.

This week's totals:
4/6 - 10.3 miles; WPT north
4/9 - 11.3 miles; Plainfield area
Total: 21.6 miles

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